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Web Design & Dev.

A digital space to showcase your awesomeness.


Talent Sourcing in the Philippines

Are you looking to save thousands, perhaps even millions in staff costs for your business?


Creative Strategy

Erase the line between understanding and imagination.


English Copywriting

Unleash the power of persuasion, ignite action, and inspire results.

Empower your business with Workfreer

- access the tools, expertise, and humanpower you need to succeed.

I created Workfreer because every business deserves access to the tools they need to succeed. So I’ve set about providing a service that does just that – helps businesses go further. From hiring expertise abroad at a fraction of the cost, to humanising marketing communications in a digital age (H2H), every business has a story, and we’re here to help them tell it.

Workfreer is, so to speak, the “sum of it’s parts” and thus, I’ve put together an outstanding team, equipped to support our clients every step of the way in their journey with us.

We’re here to facilitate your creative process. Think of us as your “outsourced team insourced” – that’s because we take the time to get to know your business. Let’s make progress easier with the right knowledge, tools, and humanpower to make your ideas happen.

Rebecca Nelson

Workfreer Founder

Team Members

A supersonic squad powered by responsible marketing practices.

Mark Prollo


Project Manager
Jen Cardillo


Head of Marketing

Jay Ryan

Head of Websites
Jay Rafa


Legal Research & Contracts

Our Feedback

Asello Entreprenur, Optiminomics

Rebecca and her team gave us some great advice on product development & marketing for our collagen & mineral supplement range. My experience with her and her team was amazing & I’m so grateful they trained someone to help me once we finished the contract. It was a completely different experience to previous agencies I worked with and worth every penny.

Aimee Health Coach, Young Wellness

Rebecca is super professional and disciplined in her business. Her and her team delivered an amazing service and put me in touch with some experts for projects I needed help with. This gave me great momentum in my business and I learnt a lot from it. I throughly enjoyed working with her and Mark and the expertise they provided was great for my needs. They followed up, held me accountable & got me much closer to what I was trying to achieve - So thank-you!

Julie Holistic Therapist

As a new business owner, all of the moving parts needed to be considered can be overwhelming. I was all but paralyzed when I met Rebecca and she introduced me to her team. I am so grateful. The enthusiasm and excitement that Rebecca brought to my project reignited my own excitement, and knowing that I had the support of this incredible team made everything feel possible and allowed me the space to think creatively without fear. Their can do attitude is contagious, and I felt so supported during a time where I had been going at it alone for way too long. Now I’m able to focus on what I do best while having a team I trust handling the details that used to stop me in my tracks. I could not recommend WorkFreer more!

Tina Author, Business Coach & AI Specialist

Rebecca and the passionate team at Workfreer have revolutionized my perspective on outsourcing projects and collaborations. As my go-to resource, they consistently exhibit unparalleled professionalism, enthusiasm, and a refreshingly holistic approach to supporting my business. Their steadfast commitment and visionary insight empower them to identify the ideal match for my requirements every single time. Workfreer's one-of-a-kind approach has been a transformative force, elevating my business to new heights and streamlining the outsourcing process. From the depths of my heart, thank you, Rebecca and Workfreer, for being the quintessential solution for all my business and outsourcing needs. Your extraordinary service continues to leave me in awe.